"Full of ideas regarding temporality, memory and disillusionment, expressed through free improvised instrumentation, electronics and powerful vocalisation, making Ahwar an utterly unpredictable listen from start to finish."
- Maha ElNabawi, The Wire

"Ahwar is a perfect amalgamation of traditional Egyptian song with experimental takes on performance and instrumentation. And Nadah el Shazly’s is a voice, as both singer and songwriter, that will haunt your dreams for days after listening to this album."
- Joseph Burnett, The Quietus

"Ahwar is a slow-burning sonic jewel that is esoteric but also revelatory as it unfolds and glides with some rare beauty."
- Guy Odd, The Arts Desk

"Debut album from Nadah El Shazly, who started out her career singing Misfits covers, and she sure came a long way with Ahwar showing she has all the making of a pioneering experimental artist."
- Spyros Stasis, Invisible Oranges

"Ahwar is an album of pure, unfiltered artistic expression; unrestricted and free of barriers. For that alone it’s more than worthy of your time. It’s also the most intriguing and genuinely interesting record I’ve heard this year."
- Andy Brown, Soundblab

"Out of the shadowy wood smoked dream daze, a sultry siren calling apparition weaves a snaking seduction infused by strangely dissipating jazz mosaics, a little noir noodling and oodles of seriously bonged out mystic murmuring. Stunning in a word."
- Mark Losing, The Sunday Experience